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Why Choose Us?

Through DTM you can connect with Hispanic countries and discover their culture, products, services.  Let us the opportunity to show more about our countries!

What are you waiting to share with me?

Center America
South America

About Us



DTM was born from the proudly of Hispanic population for their products, traditions, food, culture and the will to share that with the world.

Pick up location

In order to offer delivery options for our custormers, DTM have four locations where our customer are able to pick their orders up.

1. Chihuahua Restaurant.  5694 Third Av, Ferndale WA 

2. El Maná Restaurant.  1538 Birchwood Av, Bellingham WA

3. Cof& Coffee Shop.  1209 Cornwall Av, Bellingham WA

4. Cof& Coffe Shop.  784 Kentucky St, Bellingham WA